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To Listen and the ability to listen well has to be one of the fundamental skills as a good chef. Also being able to leave the ego at the door helps.

There is a very famous saying that goes a little like: 

Eat like a King for breakfast, Prince for lunch and a Pauper for dinner.  

Introducing slow releasing carbohydrates for breakfast like organic muesli, organic Porridge or granola and fresh fruit, whilst adding a smoothie or fruit juice is a good way to start the day.

My own favorite is Bananas, Whole meal Gluten free bread toasted and spread with almond butter.


Change and Innovation.


The first thing I need from people is to change their Diet or way they eat. Change is one of the hardest things to deal with. It’s like going to the Gym. Once there you do the session, but, it’s getting to the Gym that needs mental focus. Through supporting, coaching and lots of listening (“but I have always done it this way”), change can move people forward. 


Change is inevitable which brings on controls. Control ensures what is planned to happen does happen. Plans, objectives, standards and goal can be set. Just before the Marathon de Sable, A great athlete told me you can’t bake a cake on just flour.


FOOD for THOUGHT. From a Chef and Triathlete.


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