​Hard hitting comments from some great athletes
and people that we have worked with over the years.

Kevin Totterdall

“I have been coached by Eamonn for over three years now, he has taken me from doing sprint Triathlons and 5k road races to IRON MAN and hopefully the Dublin City marathon this year.

He is always a positive and motivating force behind my training which I believe has helped me to be the best athlete I can be. If you want to succeed in your goals while having a laugh along the way (it always helps) I would highly recommend Eamonn as a coach.”

Kevin Totterdell , Managing Director

Noel Kavanagh

In 2012 I asked Eamonn to Coach me for my first every marathon in Dublin.  My expectations weren't high off the back of a hard triathlon season. I found that he listened to me, shared my ideas and designed a program that worked around my lifestyle, family life and business . I ended up running 2.39 for my first ever marathon! i was shocked and surprised at the way the training was designed.

( lots of low intensity work outs fit the bill nicely for me.)

I would highly recommend him as a running -tri coach to all my friends in the future.


Just completed 1st Ironman Austria in a time of 9.20, swim 58 mins , bike 5.05 and run 3.08. 

Ellis Connery


I don't think I will ever know how you managed to help me to focus my mind and hold me back when I was training every spare minute and never allowing for recovery. I feel it may be your infectious passion for this sport and practical knowledge based on years of personal and coaching experience. This added to your belief in, and genuine care for your athletes, ability to adapt and make the most out of any situation and endless supply of postives. Thanks Eamonn for helping me to achieve something I never had any idea I could get close to and I will mind that Edinburgh medal for years to come. Happy Days!


Pete Wedderburn

I had always "done my own thing" in triathlons, just training in the way that seemed best, without external guidance other than reading magazines and talking to others. My race results had always beenaverage, and I was often left with a sense that I could have donebetter. When I hit a landmark birthday, I decided that it was time to review how I did things, so I took up Eamonn as my coach. The difference, even in a few short months, has been startling. Eamonn listened to my story, assessed my weak and strong points, and started me onto a programme which has already transformed my fitness. The once-weekly phone call with Eamonn is at the centre of his system: by the time of the phone call, he has already reviewed my training progress by looking at my online record of what I've done, and we go through it together. Eamonn always looks for highs, lows, and asks me what I've learned. He then gives me an exercise plan for the following
week. I'm doing more exercise than I used to do, pushing myself harder than before, but I don't find this difficult to do: the support that Eamonn gives me makes it seem natural and easy. Eamonn sends regular reports with statistics, demonstrating to me that I have improved (or not), and encouraging me to continue by doing this. He works with email, online files and smart phones, adding a 21st century angle to his approach.
Safety is of prime importance to Eamonn: he takes injury and illness
seriously, taking care to find that balance between pushing me to
succeed while not driving me to overdo things.
He promised to make me swim faster, run faster and cycle faster, and the results so far demonstrate that he has already helped me achieve this. I am looking forward with confidence to continuing this progress as we move into the 2013 triathlon season.
Eamonn has a remarkable ability to cater to the needs of every type of athlete, from the overweight, sluggish beginner to the lean, whippet-like elite individual. He has a clear vision of the potential of each of his athletes, and he creates a path to the goal that he has in mind for each of us. He takes his work seriously - it's a passion and a calling for him - far more than just "a job".
If any triathlete - from the outright beginner to the experienced old timer - wants to take a fresh, helpful look at their performance,

Eamonn is the man to talk to.


"Pete the Vet and reborn Triathlete " 

Moire O'Sullivan

I began training with Eamonn a mere two months after giving birth to my first child. By the end of that year, he had helped me win the National Adventure Racing Series title. Since then, he has coached me through a second pregnancy and a return to form after my second child. Not many coaches would guide female athletes through this difficult, yet amazing stage in life.


Through it all, Eamonn has given me sessions that fitted around my fledgling family whilst enabling me to compete at a national level. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs someone who really listens to their aspirations and who will help them achieve their athletic goals. 

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